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Digital Disney
Behind-the-scenes of "The Secret Lab," ushering in a new age of filmmaking
Mike Lyons

DINOSAUR could give way to an unstoppable future for animation—and for Disney. Adding to the surreal quality of the film is the fact that its computer-generated images were combined with digitally enhanced live-action backgrounds.

Unlike Hollywoods last [ two dinosaur films (JURASSIC PARK and THE fi LOST WORLD), DINOSAUR doesnt just contain, several scenes with the mammoth beasts, theyre in every scene. This meant that everything in DINOSAUR came down to the details. Noted visual effects supervisor Neal Krepela, "Since every shot counted, they had to be a lot more seamless than a big effects extravaganza. In this film, you're scrutinizing everything, as part of the effect is the character."

Audiences will see such nuances as the flair of dinosaur nostrils, the quivering of dinosaur lips and a tear welling in a dinosaur eye. The film also breaks new ground for the realism of the dinosaurs skin. One of the saviors of the film was Sean Phillips, who implemented the computer program that allowed for more skin elasticity. "What we added was an additional layer of having skin moved by muscles, rather than by the bone structures directly underneath it," said Phillips.



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