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Duck Tales - The Movie
The production logistics were as far-flung as the duck adventure on view.
Tim Vandehey

DUCK TALES, THE MOVIE: THE TREASURE OF THE LOST LAMP is a feature-length feathered adventure based on the popular Disney television series, set to open nationwide August 3. Disney assembled the film in far-reaching locales. Animation for its beginning and end was done at Disney's eighty-person London studio. Animation for the middle was proų"vided by a 120-person Paris affiliate. And all the paint, inking, and camera work was added in mainland China; while the scripting, storyboards, color keying, sound, anda host of pre-and post-production details were handled by the Disney Movietoons branch, based at the company's Burbank studios.

The Chinese contractor who contributed to the film is the first wholly foreign-owned corporation in that country. The reasons for the exportation of such work were twofold: lower cost and a great number of qualified workers. Whenasked if the recent atrocities in China have affected Disney's image or the movie's production, producer/director Bob Hathcock said that the company's effort should have the opposite effect. "The Chinese are something of a paradox," he said. "They live in this Communist society, but they are some of the best capitalists in the world. I think this kind of thing is what"s going to beat that regime."



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