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Filming The Comics Legend Dick Tracy
The scoop on Warren Beatty's cinematic ode to the world's most famous dick.
Sheldon Teitelbaum

Reclusive actor/producer/director Warren Beatty calls on a talented crew of actors and filmic craftsmen to give this summer's moviegoers a hard-hitting gangster film sensibility, filtered through Caligari-style expressionism.

John Caglione and Doug Drexler are makeup men with an enormous sense of responsibility. Take the matter of Madonna's breasts in DICK TRACY, which Walt Disney opens nationwide June 16. Madonna plays temptress Breathless Maho-ney in the film, produced, starring and directed by Warren Beatty, appearing at the beginning performing a Stephen Sondheim number at the Club Ritz. At the end of her routine, the sultry songstress takes a deep bow, revealing an impressive amount of cleavage. So impressive, in fact, that during rehearsals, her breasts sprang free—repeatedly.

Word of this primordial spectacle spread with photonic speed on the set. Prosthetic makeup experts, Caglione and Drexler, who were hard at work within their Winnebago, were among the first to be informed of events. Drexler looked at Caglione and said, "You know, within three minutes, [producer] Barrie [Osborne] is going tostormin here demanding we do something about Madonna's boobs." He was right—Osborne asked that they glue Madonna"s breasts to her dress.



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