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Every animator has his failures.
Grim Natwick

I remember one time, in the early days at Disney's Hyperion Studio, when Walt removed one-third of the animation from a seven minute short and had it completely done over. Animation that did not please him was quietly guillotined. Did Walt ever lose his temper? I suppose he did; I never saw him do so. One thing sure, he was an unrelenting critic of animation.

While I worked at Disney's an animator never put a scene into the test reel until he felt satisfied with his work. I recall one scene I animated at the studio. I had it cut into the reel even tho' it did not please me. I did not know how to animate it. The director, a former animator, could not help me. Norm Ferguson was probably the only person in the studio who could have shown me how to do it and, at that time, I did not know Norm.



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