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Animators -- artists, each with a special talent
Grim Natwick

GRIM NATWICK is a noted pioneer animator who got into animation in the silent days when an animator had to master the art of pantomime. He animated for Max Fleischer in New York, for the Ub Iwerks Studio in Hollywood, and then for Walt Disney. His art training in Vienna helped him in animating a large part of the Snow White character. After that he went back to the Donald Ducks and the Mickeys, and had a short sequence in The Sorcerers Apprentice—Fantasia. During his later career he worked on the feature length ‘Gulliver's Travels' for Max Fleischer's new studio in Miami, was with Walter Lantz's Universal Studio, with Steve Bosustow's UPA studio, and with the Bob Lawrence Studio in NEY:

It is interesting to contemplate the virtues and limitations of the greatest artists of past centuries and wonder—just wonder how they would have done seated at an animation drawing board.

It is not my opinion that animators are necessarily great artists. It is my belief that they are artists, each with a special talent,—a talent for feeling movement and interpreting that movement through coordinated drawings each of which must resemble in every detail the character or characters animated. An animator's skill lies not only in fitting drawings together coherently but in giving those drawings personalities that inspire audience acceptance.




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