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Izzy Klein

I. KLEIN, who gives us the benefit of his recollections of BILL TYTLA in this issue, has added herewith some reminiscences of his own animation career that we found very interesting.

I'd say the Golden Age of animation for myself was when I was an animator at the Walt Disney Studio in Hollywood. I animated on the cartoon shorts. That was back in the mid-1930's. To name some of the Disney cartoons with sequences of my animation ... "Wynken, Blynken and Nod", "Mother Goose Goes Hollywood", "Lonesome Ghosts", "The Return of Toby Tortoise", "Mickey Magician", "Woodland Cafe" and others.

My experience as an animator began when I was a kid in the pre-sound days . . , the silent films. I attended art schools between jobs at the animation studios .., then when The New Yorker magazine started in 1925 I began to sell regularly to The New Yorker and to other magazines. I dropped away from the cartoon studios until 1934 when I joined the staff of the Van Buren Studio in New York, as an animator. By 1934 the movies were already talking. I did a big chunk of animation on a cartoon "The Sunshine Makers" which was possibly the first animated cartoon in color. I also animated on several other Van Buren cartoons. I continued doing cartoons for the magazines during that period.





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