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In His Own Words: Ward Kimball’s Autobiography

To keep employees up-to-date on what was happening, the Disney Studio when it was located on Hyperion produced “The Bulletin” which was the Disney Studio inter-office studio employee newsletter.

It was one-sided 8.5-inches by 14-inches mimeographed sheets stapled at the upper left with usually two to four sheets for each weekly issue. These old issues are a treasure trove of insight into the personalities and the workings of the early Disney Studios.

The first issue of The Bulletin was printed January 6, 1939, and the last issue was printed April 4, 1941.

Like any office newsletter, it was filled with classified ads, birth and wedding announcements, information about upcoming events, things that were changing like people being promoted or moving to another office, inter-office sports news, brief personality profiles, announcements from Walt or Roy Disney and more.

And, like any other office newsletter, there were only enough copies for the small staff and it was quickly discarded because the news went out-of-date.

In the Vol. 1, No. 22 issue dated March 21, 1939, the editor had Disney Legend in training Ward Kimball write his own brief autobiography knowing it would entertain the readers since Ward already had the reputation of being a jokester.





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