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Disney Developments

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were still limping along at less than full production this week—while the A.F.L. Screen Cartoonists Guild picketed the studios of Walt Disney Productions in Burbank, Calif., demanding that Disney recognize its claim as bargaining agent for his 1,000 production employees. The A.F.L, union's claim, however, is hotly disputed by the American Society of Screen Cartoonists, an independent group organized by Disney workers following A.F.L, charges before the NLRB that the employees original independent union, the Federation of Screen Cartoonists, was company-dominated Though an NLRB vote might estab lish which group has a majority, no election seems likely in any immedi ate future, because the A.F.L. Guild has filed charges that the new Disney employee group is company-domi nated, just as its predecessor allegedh was—and hearings on the charges must be held and an NLRB decision given before a date for a vote can be set. Meanwhile, A.F.L, threatens a strike at the Technicolor Motion Pic ture Corp, if it processes Disney films




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