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Roger's Delinquent Cousin
Karl Cohen

Back in 1971, Dan ONeill created "The Early Adventures of Roger Rabbit," acomicbook story about a good-for-nothing drug dealer that appeared in the underground comic The Tortoise and the Hare #1. ONeills tale is about a bear who accuses Roger of selling him pure talcum powder as cocaine. The Rabbit replies, "Did you get off?" and convinces the bear that he will give him some of his personal stash of 100% pure Columbian cocaine. O'Neill comments inthe margin, "Once again..,dear reader..,greed conquers anger." Back at Rogers house, his wife gives the bear a cup of coffee laced with strychnine. The story ends with Roger asking, "Im not sure, dear....Should we put our new rug in the living room — or the bedroom?"



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