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Rabbit Season
A review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Harry McCracken

Roger Rabbit has been one busy bunny this Summer. He's appeared on the cover of Newsweek; he's added a new word ("Toon") to the nation's vocabulary; he's inspired several bushels of toys, clothing, and other merchandise; and he's caused Disneyland and Disney World to hurriedly plan new attractions focused around him.

And oh yes, he's starred in the biggest movie of the year, which is also arguably, at least - the most successful (partially) animated film since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Names like Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis certainly attracted audiences to Who Framed Roger Rabbit at first, but its unique blend of live-action and cartooning has brought moviegoers of all ages back for repeated viewings. Other animated features have been successful in recent years - notably Spielberg's own An American Tail - but Roger has attracted teenagers and adults in a way that hasn't happened since Disney animated features did so decades ago. (Whether or not Roger is a Disney production is a matter of semantics: though the movie was released under the Touchstone label Disney uses for adult projects, it's popularity has prompted the studio to come out from behind the Touchstone guise to an unprecedented extent recently, extravagantly promoting Roger as the newest Disney superstar.)



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