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Uncle Scrooge Vs. He-Man
Disney enters the syndication market with DuckTales
Harry McCracken

In some respects, DuckTales, Walt Disney Television's new five-days-a-week syndicated cartoon series, is a major departure for the company. The studio's foray into regular made-for-TV animated programs of any kind is still young, and never before has it attempted to produce so much TV animation for one project (DuckTales's first season is comprised of 65 half-hour episodes). Perhaps the most signifigant break with Disney tradition is that, unlike Disney's first two TV cartoon series, it features established Disney characters: Huey, Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge, and on occasion Donald Duck himself.

Although Disney's wholehearted move into made-for-TV animation is a recent development, the studio's association with television is almost as old as the medium itself. Walt Disney's foresight in exploitation of new technologies is legendary, and the Disney programs of the 1950s - The Mickey Mouse Club, Disneyland, and others - are classics of the industry. The studio has produced numerous programs for network and syndication airing since then, and the 1983 introduction of the Disney Channel once again put Disney in the forefront of video entertainment.



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