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Disneyland: From Dream to Reality
Katie Mason

Walt Disney was a dreamer. From animated films to amusement parks he was always an innovator. Disneyland had been in his head years before he could make it happen, and when he did it would change family centered entertainment forever.

Walt, the father of two children, saw a lack of quality family entertainment in Southern California. When accompanying his daughters to amusement parks, he noted the parents’ boredom and the filthy and unfriendly atmosphere. Years later he said, “I felt that something should be built, some kind of family park where parents and children could have fun together.”

Many people felt Walt was bored with animation. The park, as he always referred to Disneyland as, combined his interests in furniture, railroads, and robotics. Biographer Leonard Mosley comments: “It had become the only thing in life that mattered to him, and animated cartoons — any kind of films, in fact — had totally, if temporarily, lost their savor for him.”

Early Visions


Gathering the Financing


Building the Dream


Opening the Happiest Place




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