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Leslie Iwerks, Director of ‘The Imagineering Story’ Documentary

As fans of animation, we love to get behind the scenes information of our favorite movies, and the stories of the companies that make them. And the company with arguably the most fascinating history is the Walt Disney Company, which started out as two guys in a tiny studio, drawing a mouse named Mickey. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks’ creation spawned an empire that became so much more than animated shorts, including multiple theme parks around the world, dedicated to creativity, innovation, and of course, the studio’s animated creations.

On November 12th, Disney+ will launch, and among its slate of new programming, there is a new documentary series called The Imagineering Story, chronicling the history of the Disney Parks. The woman behind this series is none other than the granddaughter of Mickey Mouse’s co-creator, Leslie Iwerks! I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Leslie about her work on the series, some of the history of the company, and her family’s Disney legacy.




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