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Interview with Shelley Buck & Kathy Curtis

In 2020, Disney+ released the mini series detailing the behind the scenes of Frozen 2. There we also learn of the story behind the song, "The Next Right Thing" as it was dedicated to the late son of co-director Chris Buck and his wife Shelley. In episode 197 of the Animation Addicts Podcast, Chelsea talks with Shelley about that time in her life as well as the lessons that she learned from her son.


  • Intro to Shelley Buck & Kathy Curtis
  • Memories that intertwined with the making of Frozen
  • How the parents cared for their son while in treatments
  • How Ryder changed because of his illness
  • How you can use storytelling to overcome difficult times
  • The trials to create and distribute a book
  • Major take-aways
  • Frozen 2 – The Next Right Thing


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