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Down Under with Rescuers composer Bruce Broughton
Jérémie Noyer
We all remember the majesty and lyricism of Cody’s flight with Marahute: released in 1990, The Rescuers Down Under was the first sequel in the Disney Studio’s history and the first non-musical since Victory Through Air Power in 1943. For the 35th anniversary of the theatrical release of the original film, Disney has released both Rescuers movies to Blu-ray prompting, for us, an opportunity to talk with one of the creators of Down Under, composer Bruce Broughton. One of the most versatile composers working today, Bruce Broughton writes in every medium, from theatrical releases and TV feature films to the concert stage and computer games. […]


Bruce Broughton (Interviewee)


Music, Sound effects/Sound design (Film music, Score, Music, Film sound, Sound effects, Sound design, Sound Recording, Musik), The Rescuers Down Under (1990) (Rescuers Down Under, The Rescuers Down Under)


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