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Clay Pipe Serves Disneyland Past And Future

Ward Construction Co., Inglewood, Calif. J. Som Hammel, Burbank, Calif.

Lovis H. Roth

Walt Disneys fabulous makebelieve worlds of the past and future at Anaheim, California, are served by timeless Vitrified Clay Pipe. Its the pipe with an unmatched record of past performance ... and the greatest potential for the future. No matter what wastes may flow into the nations sanitary systems – tomorrow or fifty years from now – Clay Pipe will go on giving dependable, trouble-free service, because its chemically inert, completely unaffected by acids and gases from industry or any other source.

At Disneyland, more than 8,000 feet of Clay Pipe in diameters from 4 inches and up provide reliable sanitary protection for the worlds most famous playground. Lou Roth, Disneyland Project Engineer, says, "‘We used Clay Pipe for sewer lines because it was considered the most advantageous material ..." For sewer installations that must not fail, it pays to specify Vitrified Clay Pipe, the only pipe that never wears out.




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