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4246 Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
#2019 C 3, 7pp
Text (Book Series), Feature
“Initial” Thoughts on Production Innovations
at The Walt Disney Studios in the Mid-1930s
Author: Garry Apgar
Garry Apgar
R: 2019-03-15
I: 2019-04-01
4243 Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
#2019, 78pp
Text (Book Series), Book
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Author: J.B. Kaufman, Didier Ghez, Garry Apgar, David Bossert, Jim Hollifield, Todd James Pierce
J.B. Kaufman, Didier Ghez, Garry Apgar, Dave Bossert, Todd James Pierce, Jim Hollifield
R: 2019-03-15
I: 2019-04-01
2593 Visual Resources
#14.3, 11pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Meaning of Mickey Mouse
Author: Garry Apgar
Walter Elias Disney, Garry Apgar
R: 1999-01
I: 2016-07-13
2214 The Mouse Castle
Audio (Podcast), Interview
'Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit'
with Garry Apgar
Garry Apgar
R: 2016-02-06
I: 2016-02-14
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