# Source Title People Date
5551 Youtube
Text, Feature
In Conversation with Master Storyteller - Ralph Guggenheim
Author: Manav Subodh
John Lasseter, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bonnie Arnold, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Ralph Guggenheim
R: 2020-08-28
I: 2020-11-29
5549 Spark Computer Graphics Society
Text (Youtube Channel), Feature
The Women of Disney•Pixar's Toy Story
Defining Digital Her-izons
John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Ralph Eggleston, Graham Walters, Glenn McQueen, Bonnie Arnold, William Reeves, Peter Schneider, Thomas Schumacher, Tom Porter, Ralph Guggenheim
R: 2020-11-22
I: 2020-11-29
4164 Cinefantastique
#31.7, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney animation realizes Edgar Rice Burroughs’ hero as movies never could.
Author: Mike Lyons
Glen Keane, Ken Duncan, Kevin Lima, Bonnie Arnold, Russ Edmonds, Michael Surrey, Dave Burgess, Randy Haycock
R: 1999-08
I: 2019-02-24
1972 Starlog Magazine
#221, 10pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
Toy Story
Sheriff Woody & Buzz Lightyear come to life in history's first fully computer-generated animation feature.
Author: Darcy Sullivan
John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Bonnie Arnold, Eben Ostby, William Reeves
R: 1995-12
I: 2015-12-08
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