# Source Title People Date
6656 Walt's People
#26 C 2, 14pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Bill Justice and Bob Broughton
Author: Bob Thomas
Bill Justice, Bob Thomas, Bob Broughton
S: 1996
I: 2022-02-28
6345 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Opening of Walt Disney World
Part 04
Author: Todd James Pierce
Walter Elias Disney, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Todd James Pierce, Valerie Watson, Jim Cora
R: 2021-10-18
I: 2021-10-25
6344 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Opening of Walt Disney World
Part 05
Author: Todd James Pierce
Jack Lindquist, Walter Elias Disney, Joe Fowler, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Esmond Cardon Walker, Bill Evans, Todd James Pierce
R: 2021-10-25
I: 2021-10-25
5542 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Remembering the Disney Inn
Part 2
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, John Hench, Bill Justice, Michael Eisner, Rich Cullen
R: 2020-02-19
I: 2020-11-28
5517 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Book of Hench
Part 05: The invention of Disneyland
Author: Todd James Pierce
Ward Kimball, John Hench, Harper Goff, Walter Elias Disney, Bill Cottrell, Peter Ellenshaw, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Richmond Kelsey, Bruce Bushman, Salvador Dali, Todd James Pierce, Hal Adelquist, Werner von Braun
R: 2020-11-14
I: 2020-11-15
5275 D23
Text (Youtube Channel), Feature
Marc Davis in His Own Words
D23 Expo Highlights
Rolly Crump, Alice Davis, Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Chris Merritt, Blaine Gibson, Ken Anderson, Walter Elias Disney, Harriet Burns, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Wathel Rogers, Pete Docter, Daniel Joseph, Ed Kemmer
R: 2020-06-29
I: 2020-07-01
5225 Disney Family Album
#13, 00:27:47
Text, Feature
WED Imagineers
Timothy J. Delaney, Francis Xavier Atencio, Bill Justice, Dave Feiten, Randy Bright
R: 1985-06-13
I: 2020-06-27
5123 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Interview
Remembering Bill Justice
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Jack Hannah, Walter Elias Disney, Bill Justice
R: 2011-02-16
S: 1997
I: 2020-05-17
5122 BabbittBlog
Text (Website), Feature
The Snow White Wrap Party
Author: Jake Friedman
Ward Kimball, Walter Elias Disney, Les Clark, Ollie Johnston, Bill Justice, Arthur Harold Babitsky, Marge Champion, Donald W. Graham, Jack Kinney, Hal Adelquist
R: 2012-04-11
I: 2020-05-17
4675 Animato!
#20, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
An Interview with Bill Justice
From Snow White to Disney World (And Almost Everything Inbetween)
Author: John Province
Milt Kahl, Wolfgang Reitherman, Walter Elias Disney, Thornton Hee, Bill Justice, John Province
R: 1990, Summer
I: 2020-02-04
4429 American Cinematographer
#40.11, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Noah's Ark
Walt Disney's First Non-Cartoon Animated Film
Author: Arthur Rowan
Francis Xavier Atencio, Thornton Hee, Bill Justice
R: 1959-11
I: 2019-09-29
3503 Disney History Institute Podcast
#44, 00:59:50
Audio (Podcast), Interview
X Atencio & The Path of the Imagineer
Part 1
Author: Todd James Pierce
Wolfgang Reitherman, Francis Xavier Atencio, Bill Justice
R: 2017-11-10
I: 2017-11-10
2324 Disney History Institute Podcast
#3, 00:31:18
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Walt's Field Day
Author: Todd James Pierce
Ward Kimball, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Ollie Johnston, Bill Justice, Maurice Noble, Harry Tytle, Riley Thomson, Arthur Harold Babitsky, Milt Neil, Jack Kinney, Todd James Pierce, Katherine Kerwin, Norm Ferguson, Ted Sears
R: 2013-09-16
I: 2016-03-19
1522 LOOK magazine
#35.7, 9pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Florida – Boom! Boom! Boom?
Preview of the biggest show on earth
Author: Henry Ehrlich
Walter Elias Disney, Bill Justice, Dick Nunis
R: 1971-04-06
I: 2015-06-29
1372 Misc Websites
Text (Website), Interview
In His Own Words: Bill Justice Remembers Early Days at Disney
Author: Jim Korkis
Bill Justice
R: 2014-05-19
S: 1997
I: 2015-06-02
810 Misc Books
C 9, 1p
Text (Book), Interview
Bill Justice
Author: Don Peri
Bill Justice
R: 2011-03-01
I: 2014-12-08
356 Walt's People
#14 C 13, 10pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Bill Justice
Author: John Culhane
Bill Justice
R: 2014-04-28
S: 1968
I: 2014-11-23
331 Walt's People
#3 C 7, 18pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Bill Justice
Author: Jim Korkis
Bill Justice
R: 2006-05-04
S: 1997, 1999
I: 2014-11-22
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