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5773 Cartoonist PROfiles
#54, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Illusion Of Life - A Book by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
Reviewed by Grim Natwick
Author: Grim Natwick
Claude Coats, Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Grim Natwick, Ollie Johnston, Ken O’Connor, Salvador Dali, Gustaf Tenggren, Fred Moore
R: 1982-06
I: 2021-02-02
4998 Misc Magazines
Text (Magazine), Interview
Donald Duck 'Ramona' Booster
Comic strip artist uses valley colors
Carl Barks
R: 1951-05-06
I: 2020-04-30
4605 Sight and Sound
#52.2, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
[The] restyling of Disney for the 8Os audience
Author: Jim Seale
Ron Miller, Esmond Cardon Walker, Harrison Ellenshaw, Robin Williams, Ray Bradbury, Richard Taylor, Jack Clayton, Don Bluth, Thomas L. Wilhite, Robert Altman
R: 1983-04
I: 2020-01-07
4494 Animated Views
Text (Website), Interview
Once Upon A Time In New York City
Oliver & Company Animator Dave Pruiksma
Author: Jérémie Noyer
John Lasseter, Don Hahn, Andreas Deja, Ruben Aquino, Glen Keane, Ron Clements, John Musker, Eric Goldberg, James Baxter, Ken Duncan, Nik Ranieri, Jack Hannah, Eric Larson, Thornton Hee, Mark Henn, Ken O’Connor, George Scribner, Chris Buck, Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, Will Finn, Jérémie Noyer, Barry Temple, Mike Gabriel, Angela Lansbury, David Pruiksma
R: 2009-01-30
I: 2019-11-26
4076 Concrete Construction
Text (Magazine), Feature
California Concrete Adventure
Concrete helps Disney create a new theme park.
Author: Susan Casey
R: 2001-11-15
I: 2019-01-13
3068 Disney History Institute Podcast
#35, 00:17:38
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Project Spring
Author: Todd James Pierce
R: 2017-02-04
I: 2017-02-06
2776 WEDway Radio
#8.3, 00:40:26
Audio (Podcast), Interview
The Artist
Claude Coats
Alan Coats, Claude Coats, Evelyn Coats
R: 2016-08-31
I: 2016-09-02
2638 Misc documents
Text (Document), Interview
The Southern California Attractions Industry
R: 2013-09
S: 1987
I: 2016-07-22
2637 Misc documents
Text (Document), Interview
Burbank Entertainment Center Summary Observations
R: 2013-09
S: 1988
I: 2016-07-22
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