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Text (Magazine), Feature
Wise Beyond His Years
Disney Director Kirk Wise talks about Beauty and the Beast, music and animation, and why he never became a garbage collector,
Author: Jim Fanning
Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, Jim Fanning
R: 1992, Winter
I: 2020-02-05
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Text (Magazine), Feature
Review: Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Superb Entertainment, Plain and Simple
Author: Harry McCracken
Alan Menken, Jerry Rees, Glen Keane, James Baxter, Tom Sito, Howard Ashman, Paige O'Hara, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brenda Chapman, Chris Sanders, Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, Harry McCracken, Tim Burton, Rob Minkoff, Darrell Van Citters, Linda Woolverton
R: 1992, Winter
I: 2020-02-05
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Text (Website), Interview
Once Upon A Time In New York City
Oliver & Company Animator Dave Pruiksma
Author: Jérémie Noyer
John Lasseter, Don Hahn, Andreas Deja, Ruben Aquino, Glen Keane, Ron Clements, John Musker, Eric Goldberg, James Baxter, Ken Duncan, Nik Ranieri, Jack Hannah, Eric Larson, Thornton Hee, Mark Henn, Ken O’Connor, George Scribner, Chris Buck, Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, Will Finn, Jérémie Noyer, Barry Temple, Mike Gabriel, Angela Lansbury, David Pruiksma
R: 2009-01-30
I: 2019-11-26
#46, 02:28:26
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Special Guest Jerry Rees
Animator, Director, Disney Attractions, Brave Little Toaster, Back to Neverland
Jerry Rees
R: 2013-09-05
I: 2017-06-19
905 The Tiara Talk Show
#22, 00:46:37
Audio (Youtube Channel), Interview
Interview with Jerry Rees
Jerry Rees
R: 2014-08-08
I: 2015-01-21
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