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5132 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Remembering Marty Sklar and the Epcot Film
Author: Jim Korkis
Marty Sklar, Jim Korkis, Didier Ghez, Walter Elias Disney, Esmond Cardon Walker
R: 2017-08-09
I: 2020-05-18
4632 Forbes
#107.9, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney Dollars
If you think Disney World is an exciting and imaginative concept, wait until you hear about the financing.
Walter Elias Disney, Roy O. Disney
R: 1971-05-01
I: 2020-01-21
4315 Architectural Record
Text (Magazine), Feature
Fire Cracker
Reedy Creek Improvement District Emergency Services Center
Author: Beth Dunlop
R: 1994-05
I: 2019-05-27
3639 CQ Amateur Radio
#71.8, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Many (Mouse) Ears Ago
A Story of Life in the Disney Radio Shop, Part II
Author: Jay Underwood
R: 2015-08
I: 2018-03-04
3638 CQ Amateur Radio
#71.1,2, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Many (Mouse) Ears Ago
A Story of Life in the Disney Radio Shop, Part I
Author: Jay Underwood
R: 2015-01/02
I: 2018-03-04
2957 Misc Magazines
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney World
A Look Backstage
Author: Willie K. Friar
R: 1974, Spring
I: 2016-12-01
2790 Misc Magazines
Text (Magazine), Feature
Solar heating and cooling system for an office building at Reedy Creek Utilities
R: 1978-08-01
I: 2016-09-07
2633 Florida State University Law Review
#36.2, 38pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Merging Public and Private Governance
How Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District "Re-Imagined" the Traditional Division of Local Regulatory Powers
Author: Chad D. Emerson
R: 2009, Winter
I: 2016-07-22
1281 Misc Magazines
#26, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Snow White and 30,000 Dwarfs
Author: Richard Henderson
R: 1990-01
I: 2015-05-13
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