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Movie Magic from MAGI

Did you ever wonder what it might be like to live inside a video game? Imagine walking around ina world of flashing lights and strange electronic creatures. In the Walt Disney movie called TRON, thats just what happens. The hero finds himself living in a video game world.

The hero is a young computer genius named Flynn. His troubles start when he first suspects that a company has stolen some of his video game ideas. Flynn tries to find out what information is stored in the companys computer. But he finds big trouble instead. A special ray absorbs his body and sends him into the video game world.

In this strange land, Flynn meets an odd assortment of weird creatures. There is a powerful villain who tries to destroy him. And, of course, this villain has some horrible helpers. These giant flying robots swoop out of the air and try to nab Flynn.

Behind the Scenes

Actually, rays that blast people into another world don't exist. Just the thought of getting trapped inside a video game is too fantastic for most people to consider. But not for Larry Elin. He works at MAGI (MAJ-eye). Thats one of four companies that produced the exciting video scenes in TRON.



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