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The Musical Times
Disney's 'Fantasia'
When Disney Met Delargy
"Darby O'Gill" and the Irish Folklore Commission
Walt Disney (subject)
American Music
Playing in 'Toon
Walt Disney's "Fantasia" (1940) and the Imagineering of Classical Music
ANY: Architecture New York
Letter from EuroDisney
The Accounting Historians Journal
Accountability and Rhetoric during a Crisis
Walt Disney's 1940 Letter to Stockholders
Walt Disney (subject)
Montana: The Magazine of Western History
Frontierland as Tomorrowland: Walt Disney and the Architectural Packaging of the Mythic West
Journal of Marketing
E. Cardon Walker
Leaders in Marketing
Card Walker (subject)
The American Magazine of Art
America's Youngest Art
Film History
Colour, Lines and Nudes
Teaching Disney's Animators
Don Graham (subject)
Film History
Before Snow White
J.B. Kaufman (author)
Educational Horizons
Educational Values in Factual Nature Pictures
Walt Disney (author)
The Public Opinion Quarterly
Mickey as Professor
Walt Disney (author)