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Computer Graphics World
A Matter Of Trust
Computer Graphics World
Pete Docter (reference)
Computer Graphics World
Framestore Creates Magic in 'Mulan'
Computer Graphics World
A Bedtime Story
Eyvind Earle (reference)
Brittney Lee (reference)
Jennifer Lee (reference)
Joseph Trapanese (reference)
Computer Graphics World
Igniting Passion
Mary Blair (reference)
Lindsey Collins (reference)
Danielle Feinberg (reference)
Michael Sparber (reference)
Computer Graphics World
Universal Scene Description
Steve May (reference)
Computer Graphics World
A Night To Remember
Disney•Pixar’s Coco honors Mexican culture with a joyful, heartwarming CG animated feature
Darla Anderson (interviewee)
Daniel Arriaga (interviewee)
Byron Bashforth (interviewee)
Chris Bernardi (interviewee)
David Eberle (reference)
Danielle Feinberg (interviewee)
Emron Grover (interviewee)
Christian Hoffman (interviewee)
Harley Jessup (interviewee)
Ed Love (reference)
Alonso Martinez (interviewee)
Adrian Molina (interviewee)
Dave Mullins (reference)
Nick Rosario (interviewee)
Gini Santos (interviewee)
Lee Unkrich (interviewee)
Computer Graphics World
Back To The Future
Artists at Pixar Animation Studio embrace new tools and techniques to create Incredibles 2.
Mahyar Abouosaeedi (interviewee)
Brad Bird (interviewee)
Ralph Eggleston (interviewee)
Nathan Fariss (interviewee)
Bryn Imagire (interviewee)
Fran Kalal (interviewee)
Philip Metschan (interviewee)
John Walker (interviewee)
Computer Graphics World
Not Your Father’s Nutcracker
Artists at MPC, with help from Rodeo FX and Luma, create a fantasy world to help move the familiar Christmas story into new territory.
Richard Clegg (interviewee)
Lasse Hallström (reference)
Joe Johnston (reference)
Max Wood (interviewee)
Computer Graphics World
Internet explorer
Artists create a vast digital ‘Net universe filled with characters of all types for Ralph Breaks the Internet.
Phil Johnston (reference)
Dave Komorowski (interviewee)
Kira Lehtomaki (interviewee)
Rich Moore (interviewee)
Larry Wu (interviewee)
Computer Graphics World
Creating Vfx For Disney’s Much Anticipated Mary Poppins Returns
Matt Johnson (interviewee)
Rob Marshall (interviewee)
Computer Graphics World
Pride of Place
MPC artists create the first photorealistic CG feature filmed entirely in virtual reality.
James Chinlund (reference)
Caleb Deschanel (reference)
Jon Favreau (reference)
Audrey Ferrara (interviewee)
Andrew R. Jones (interviewee)
Rob Legato (interviewee)
Elliot Newman (interviewee)
Adam Valdez (reference)