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Film Score Monthly
Isn't It Incredible?
Michael Giacchino’s Score For The Incredibles Swings Like It’s 1964 Again
Brad Bird (reference)
Michael Giacchino (interviewee)
Film Score Monthly
Richard Sherman talks about the Sherman Brothers’ extraordinary career writing hit songs for stage & screen
Walt Disney (subject)
Richard Sherman (interviewee)
Robert Sherman (subject)
Film Score Monthly
Shiver Me Timbres
Klaus Badelt leads a Media Ventures assault on pirate movie scoring traditions.
Klaus Badelt (interviewee)
Jerry Bruckheimer (reference)
Hans Zimmer (interviewee)
Film Score Monthly
Dino Music
James Newton Howard’'s Bill Of Fare For Disney’s Animated Epic
James Newton Howard (interviewee)
Film Score Monthly
A Clockwork Composer
Wendy Carlos switches back on soundtracks and revisits her premier score
Wendy Carlos (interviewee)
Film Score Monthly
Marc [Shaiman] of the Scoring Jungle
Marc Shaiman (interviewee)
Film Score Monthly
John Debney interview
Scoring Steven Spielberg’s Seaquest DSV
John Debney (interviewee)