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Quick magazine
Cinderella: Walt Disney's Greatest Star
Walt Disney (subject)
Misc Books
Snow White an the Seven Dwarfs
From the famous picture by Walt Disney
Gustaf Tenggren (artist)
Graphic Gallery Original Art Catalog
Surprise in Gags
Ferdinand Horvath (author)
Graphic Gallery Original Art Catalog
Ferdinand Horvath
Art Catalog
Ferdinand Horvath (subject)
Cartoonist PROfiles
'Snow White' Animator
Brief Grim Natwick autobiography
Grim Natwick (author)
Cartoonist PROfiles
The Long Overdue Tribute to Grim Natwick
He created Betty Boop, and animated Snow White.
Grim Natwick (subject)
Film Fan Monthly
Ub Iwerks
And The Animated Film
Ub Iwerks (subject)
The Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress
Threads of Melody
The Evolution of a Major Film Score – Walt Disney's Bambi
The Lyre
My Job at Walt Disney’s
Mary Lou Eastman Whitman (author)
LOOK magazine
Walt Disney presents 'The Sulfa Drugs'
Dr. Mickey Mouse, depicting the wonders of the potent, versatile, germ-chasing, life-saving chemical family
This Week Magazine
Disney Goes To War
His whole vast studio are working now for Uncle Sam.
Disney - Class on Action Analysis
Lecture XIII - Girl making short skip, Charley Chase and policeman, Special emphasis on walks
Don Graham (host)