Resources 5

Casey at the Bat
Picture Story
Animation Resources
Bob Givens - Grand Old Man Of Animation
Robert Givens (interviewee)
Dispatch From Disney’s
Dispatch From Disney’s
Hal Adelquist (author)
James Bodrero (author)
Roy O. Disney (author)
Walt Disney (author)
Joe Grant (author)
T. Hee (subject)
Richard 'Dick' Huemer (author)
Fred Moore (subject)
Woolie Reitherman (subject)
Herb Ryman (subject)
Frank Thomas (subject)
Oliver Wallace (author)
Roy Williams (artist)
Katonah Museum of Art, New York
Vladimir Tytla
Master Animator (exhibition booklet)
John Canemaker (author)
Bill Tytla (subject)
An Introduction to The Walt Disney Studios
Disney Studios Artist's Tryout Book