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Misc documents
Business Life
The town that Walt built
[…] the business model at the company’s outpost in Paris is […] based on a […] mundane revenue stream: property.
The New York Times Magazine
Close Encounters With Epcot
Disney World's newest venture is a 28,000-acre blend of past, present and future
The New York Times Magazine
New Florida Countdown
Disney World Is Opening
The New York Times Magazine
Florida's Disney World Aims at '70 Opening
American Cinematographer
Down the Rabbit Hole
Dariusz Wolski, ASC adds dimension to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland […]
The Forever Investor
Prince Alwaleed; Disneyland Paris shareholder
American Film
Disney Looks for a Happy Ending to Its Grim Fairy Tale
The Watcher in the Woods
Or, the Day Disney Decided to Shock Your Socks Off!
American Cinematographer
A Very Active Member
[Isidore Mankofsky; cinematographer for The Muppet Movie and MuppetVision 3-D]
Isidore Mankofsky (subject)
The Robots of the Black Hole
Disney designer George McGinnis and effects man Danny Lee on the robot crew of SF's newest blockbuster
Danny Lee (subject)
George McGinnis (subject)