Resources 9

Flying and Popular Aviation
Insignia Industry
Walt Disney's artists work tirelessly as requests for aviation caricatures swamp special department.
Hank Porter (subject)
Cartoon Brew
John Canemaker on Discovering Disney’s Moviemaking Secrets
John Canemaker (interviewee)
Herman Schultheis (subject)
Misc documents
Roy Disney's telegram to notify worldwide Disney offices the day after Walt’s death
Roy O. Disney (author)
Walt Disney (subject)
TV Guide
The Latter-Day Aesop
Part 3 - Can he keep his promise: 'A million-dollar color special every week'?
Walt Disney (interviewee)
TV Guide
The Latter-Day Aesop
Part 2 - His enthusiasm bubbles over again as he switches networks for new season
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Misc documents
Walt Disney’s letter to Ub Iwerks
Walt Disney (author)
Ub Iwerks (subject)
Glamour magazine
Girls at work for Disney
The great cartoonist opens new careers for talented girls in his Hollywood studio
Films In Review
Disney is still creative
As His Imitators and Other Detractors Yap, Disney Continues to Innovate
Films In Review
Cartooning in Cinemascope
It Entails Procedural Changes that Are More Ramifying than Radical
Ward Kimball (author)