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Attractions Management
The Story Builders
Creatives from Disney and Universal on the power of IPs in the attractions industry and how to implement them
Joe Rohde (interviewee)
Scott Trowbridge (interviewee)
Garden Design
Designing Disney
Paul Comstock (interviewee)
The Operating Cameraman/Camera Operator
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
Camera operators compare notes about this modern take
The Operating Cameraman/Camera Operator
Operating the Virtual Camera
Behind the Animated Feature Film Inside Out
The Operating Cameraman/Camera Operator
Saving Mr. Banks
The Story behind the movie of 'Mary Poppins'
Occidental Magazine
Mr Rohde’s Wild Ride
Raconteur and adventurer Joe Rohde ’77 brings a world of influences and his liberal arts training to his work as a Disney Imagineer
Joe Rohde (interviewee)
Ray Bradbury on Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Celebrated Author Talks About Disney’s Adaptation of his Dark Fantasy
Ray Bradbury (interviewee)
Producer and co-writer Hal Barwood on the Paramount-Disney co-production-and the special contributions of the Lucasfilm FX lab!
Hal Barwood (interviewee)
Attractions Management Handbook 2016-2017
Shanghai Calling
Unique attractions, catering and live shows geared towards the burgeoning middle class Chinese market is key to Shanghai Disneyland’s good fortune
Walt Disney en Paris
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Attractions Management
Disney Delights
Does Disney Shanghai Deliver?
Live An Artful Life Magazine
Dave Mullins of Pixar
Shares his truly incredible life of animation.
Dave Mullins (subject)