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Misc documents
Walt Disney World Swan Boats
Standard Operating Procedure - Narration
Proceedings of COMPCON ‘96
The Making of Toy Story
Ed Catmull (reference)
John Lasseter (reference)
Eben Ostby (reference)
Tom Porter (reference)
Bill Reeves (reference)
Misc documents
The Caps Project
Disney Project: Executive Summary
Misc documents
Beyond Mickey Mouse History
The Disney Archive and the Construction of Animation History as Discipline, 1923-2018
Transportation Research Record
Experience With Development Of Peat Deposits At Walt Disney World, Florida
Misc documents
A History of the Disney Company and Its Utilization of Animation as an Art Form
An Interview with Blaine Gibson
Walt Disney (subject)
Blaine Gibson (interviewee)
Ub Iwerks (subject)
Misc documents
Song Of The South
1946 program
Misc documents
Environmental Effects Of Fireworks On Bodies Of Water
Misc documents
Creating Narrative Space
Joe Rohde (author)
Misc documents
Irrigation at the Walt Disney World Resort
2017 Water Conservation Expo Presentation
Misc documents
Introducing Technirama 70
Walt Disney (author)
Herbert Kalmus (author)
Misc documents
EPCOT Center
Opening day commemorative book