Resources 11

NBC University of the Air
The Story of Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney (author)
Movie Preview
Song of the South
Radio Movie Preview
James Baskett (guest)
Walt Disney (guest)
Bobby Driscoll (guest)
Johnny Mercer (host)
Luana Patten (guest)
Jack Benny Hour
Walt Disney at the Jack Benny Hour
Walt Disney (guest)
KNTV News Broadcast
Walt Disney on Mineral King project
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Pixie Dust on Goody-Goody Land
The World of Whicker
Misc Broadcast
Susan Fletcher (CBC) visits the Walt Disney Studio
Walt Disney (guest)
Gerry Geronimi (guest)
Richard 'Dick' Huemer (guest)
Clarence Nash (guest)
Larry Watkin (guest)
World's Fair Report (WRUL/WNYW, Radio New York Worldwide)
World's Fair Report
an interview with Walt Disney
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Telescope (CBC)
Walt's World
interview with Walt Disney by Fletcher Markle
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Fletcher Markle (author)
The Tex and Jinx Show
20th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse
An interview with Walt Disney
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Jinx Falkenburg (host)
Tex McCrary (host)
Ship's Reporter (National Television Guild)
Interview with Walt Disney and family
on board of the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship
Lillian Disney (interviewee)
Sharon Disney (interviewee)
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Diane Disney Miller (interviewee)
NBC radio
Walt Disney interview by Elza Schallert on NBC radio
Walt Disney (interviewee)