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Future Life
Disney's Space Oddity
NASA and King Arthurs court collide in a new tale of widescreen time travel
Ron Miller (reference)
Future Life
Black Hole Takes Disney To Serious Space
Gerry Day (reference)
Harrison Ellenshaw (reference)
Peter Ellenshaw (reference)
Jeb Rosebrook (reference)
Future Life
Imagineering The Future
A Sneak Preview Tour of Walt Disney's Top Secret "Community of Tomorrow"
Future Life
EPCOT - A Proving Ground for the Future
A midterm progress report on "Disney’s greatest dream."
Future Life
They're Following Our Script
Walt Disney's Trip To Tomorrowland
Walt Disney (subject)
Ward Kimball (subject)
Dave Smith (author)
Future Life
The Black Hole
Walt Disney Studios takes the biggest risk in their history, unveiling a $20 million voyage into one of modern science's most profound mysteries ... a black hole in space.
Ron Miller (interviewee)
Future Life
Disney's Calculating Camera
Push-button filmmaking comes of age
David Inglish (interviewee)
Don Iwerks (interviewee)
Future Life
Disney probes The Black Hole
Art Cruickshank (subject)
Harrison Ellenshaw (subject)
Peter Ellenshaw (subject)
Ron Miller (subject)
Gary Nelson (subject)
Future Life
The Black Hole - Disney's Super Space Opera
This Christmas, Walt Disney Studios will unveil their most costly project to date - a super science fiction epic with the accent on science fact