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It Brings A New Dimension To Music And Opens New Paths To Television
Deems Taylor (author)
American Artist
Art Acquires a New Dimension
Don Graham (author)
Saturday Evening Post
How They Evolved the Story of Walt Disney
Walt Disney (subject)
Diane Disney Miller (subject)
Pete Martin (subject)
Child Life
A Glimpse Into Bambi
Walt Disney's new moving picture in technicolor adapted from Felix Salten's book of the same name
McCall's Magazine
Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty
The Picturegoer Weekly
Stop Panning Peter!
Disney ignored Barrie's instructions – and upset some of the critics. But here's one who says it's no good complaining because the cartoon "Peter Pan" is not the lad we know
Still Beauty
Background for a Disney fairy-tale princess is a world of art
TV Fan
This Is Our Life...
Walt and I have come a long way together from Steamboat Willie to our latest, greatest – Disneyland
Walt Disney (subject)
Cartoonist PROfiles
Disney animator Grim Natwick on co-animator Bill Tytla
Grim Natwick (author)
Bill Tytla (subject)
Cartoonist PROfiles
3 Men 3 Hobbies
'Animation' by Grim Natwick
Marc Davis (subject)
Ollie Johnston (subject)
Milt Kahl (subject)
Grim Natwick (author)
Walt Disney's Magazine
They Model For The Animators
How does a fairy tale heroine talk and dance and walk? Here are the girls how know
Kathryn Beaumont (subject)
Marjorie Belcher (subject)
Helene Stanley (subject)
Modern Maturity
Mice and men at the movies
Donald redux - Animated films project a new drawing power
Marc Davis (interviewee)
Andreas Deja (interviewee)
Glen Keane (interviewee)