Resources 7

The Pixar Podcast
Finding the story for 'Cars 3'
Scott Morse (host)
Kiel Murray (host)
Bob Peterson (host)
Mike Rich (host)
The Pixar Podcast
Sharon Calahan interview
Sharon Calahan (interviewee)
The Pixar Podcast
Diving deep into 'Moana'
David Derrick (interviewee)
Hyrum Osmond (interviewee)
The Pixar Podcast
The technology behind 'Finding Dory'
A conversation with Bob Roath and Becky Neiman
Steve May (interviewee)
Becky Neiman (interviewee)
Bob Roath (interviewee)
The Pixar Podcast
Mychael & Jeff Danna on Composing The Good Dinosaur
Jeff Danna (host)
Mychael Danna (host)
The Pixar Podcast
Peter Sohn
The Good Dinosaur
Peter Sohn (interviewee)
The Pixar Podcast
A Conversation with Andrew Stanton and Lindsey Collins
Lindsey Collins (interviewee)
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)