Resources 7

WD Eye
Imagineering Roots
Bill Evans: Nurturing the Imagineering Landscape
Tony Baxter (subject)
Steve Beyer (interviewee)
Becky Bishop (interviewee)
Paul Comstock (interviewee)
Bill Evans (subject)
Jeff Kurtti (author)
Terry Palmer (interviewee)
Joe Parinella (interviewee)
WD Eye
It’s A Big Park — Someone’s Got To Furnish It
Searching props for Disneyland Paris
WD Eye
Imagineering Crossing The Atlantic
 Tales from the Trenches
WD Eye
Euro Disneyland
More than a Magic Kingdom
Ray Burge (interviewee)
WD Eye
Euro Disney almost sorta better be Final Schedule
WD Eye
Lost Disneyland
Adventure Thru Inner Space
Ryan Harmon (author)
David Mumford (author)
WD Eye
Two years from now, Euro Disneyland will open.
What will we bring to the French - and how might they react to us?
Joe Rohde (author)