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Spline Cast
Mark Walsh Podcast
Mark Walsh (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Lee and Darla Spline Cast!!!
Lee Unkrich (subject)
Spline Cast
Brad Bird on Caricature.
Brad Bird (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Ricky Nierva interview
Ricky Nierva (interviewee)
Spline Cast
John Kahrs Spline Cast
John Kahrs (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Art Department Roundtable
Sharon Calahan (guest)
Harley Jessup (guest)
Tia W. Kratter (guest)
Teddy Newton (guest)
Bob Pauley (guest)
Spline Cast
Story Spline Cast with Mark Andrews and Ted Mathot
Mark Andrews (interviewee)
Ted Mathot (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Animation Round Table
Adam Burke (interviewee)
Scott Clark (interviewee)
Stephen Gregory (interviewee)
Angus MacLane (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Interview with Mark Oftedal
Mark Oftedal (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Nate Stanton Interview
Nate Stanton (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Andrew Stanton SplineCast
Part III
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Spline Cast
Ralph Eggleston Interview
Ralph Eggleston (interviewee)