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American Cinematographer
The Men Behind The Mouse
Part 2 - How Animated Cartoons Are Made
American Cinematographer
The Men Behind The Mouse
Part 1 - A Day At Disney's
American Cinematographer
Noah's Ark
Walt Disney's First Non-Cartoon Animated Film
X. Atencio (subject)
T. Hee (subject)
Bill Justice (subject)
American Cinematographer
Walt Disney who knows his cameras praises his Victor
[Victor ad]
Walt Disney (subject)
Education the Disney Way
Richard Holliss (author)
The Disney Channel Magazine
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Charles Solomon (author)
CineMagic by Starlog
The Makin of Lady and the Tramp
Disney's only CinemaScope full-length animated feature returns to the screen for the holiday season.
Hollywood Studio Magazine
How To Haunt A House
Starburst Magazine
Richard Williams
The Great British Animators
Richard Holliss (author)
Richard Williams (subject)
International Projectionist
Cameramen, Grips Work Underwater
The enormous problems faced by the Walt Disney Crew filming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’
Till Gabbani (author)
American Cinematographer
Animated Film Techniques
Part 9 - Animation in television an commercial film productions
Agricultural Research
World's Friendliest Biotechnology Lab
Hop on a boatride, watch scientists at work ...