Resources 9

LOOK magazine
A Princess for sale in "The Sword and the Rose"
Movie Review
Glynis Johns (subject)
James Robertson Justice (subject)
Richard Todd (subject)
LOOK magazine
Walt Disney creates a sea battle with a giant squid
LOOK magazine
There's always something new at Disneyland
Disneyland ad
LOOK magazine
Peggy Lee: Four voices behind Walt Disney’s
Lady and the Tramp
Peggy Lee (subject)
LOOK magazine
Walt Disney presents 'The Sulfa Drugs'
Dr. Mickey Mouse, depicting the wonders of the potent, versatile, germ-chasing, life-saving chemical family
LOOK magazine
Ferdinand the Bull becomes a Silly Symphony
LOOK magazine
Walt Disney World
Preview of the biggest show on earth
LOOK magazine
Walt Disney
+ meet Davy Crockett
Walt Disney (subject)
Fess Parker (subject)
LOOK magazine
Here's your first view of Disneyland
Walt Disney’s imagination is running wild again