00:01:49  The beginnings of Reflections of Earth; Air launch fireworks technology; Don came onboard as creative director of the show; Computer chip for firework shells; Benefits of the air launch technology; Mickey ears fireworks; Shooting star effect
00:07:36  Creating a production for the Millennium; Early ideas; The Millennium lagoon show comes together; The story of Earth
00:13:46  The music of Reflections of Earth; Hans Zimmer out-Gavin Greenaway in; Hearing the music for the first time; Creating the moment human beings appear on the planet; A hockey game was the inspiration for the opening of the music; future uses of the music; “Promise” (with music from the Epcot parade “Tapestry of Nations” and “We Go On”; Gavin wins an Emmy for the music; Don wrote the lyrics for “We Go On”
00:25:16  Opening narration featuring Jim Cummings; The show’s lighting cue when the lights go out, and the opening lighting cue for the Main Street Electrical Parade
00:27:58  More about music; Don wrote the lyrics for “We Go On”; the inspiration for “We Go On”
00:32:46  The video globe in Reflections of Earth; The thought of Spaceship Earth being covered with LEDs; Challenges with the globe; Fire effects and inferno barge; Programming the fire using a Midi keyboard
00:37:59  Producing the video on the globe; The process of creating the video and a graphic simulation; Determining how to display the various video “continents”; Creating a model of the Earth and engineering it
00:43:38  he movements and limitations of the fountains; Color coordination of fountains, fireworks and smoke
00:47:24  The lasers; The safety aspect of the lasers are regulated by the government; Achieving unique colors with lasers
00:48:32  The show officially premiered on October 1, 2000 and was expected to remain for ten years; Don’s feelings about the show