00:03:53  Early interest in animation and Disney
00:06:56  Animation school - Chouiunard
00:10:24  Teacher from Filmation: Rudy Larriva
00:11:20  Met Lou Scheimer at Filmation
00:14:53  Encouraged by Jane Phillipi and Doris Plow to go to Disney
00:16:42  Hired for training program at Disney
00:18:01  Advice from Andy Ingman to loosen up
00:20:07  Results of training program
00:22:44  Rough inbetweening for Frank and Ollie
00:25:56  John Lounsbery, Eric Larson, Hal King, Cliff Nordberg
00:29:02  Atmosphere at the studio during Robin Hood
00:31:22  New talent devoping today
00:33:56  Online animation schools, Animation Mentor, Acme Animation
00:34:58  The studio almost closed in the 70s
00:37:47  Finding new animators in the 70s
00:39:53  Don Bluth and leaving Disney
00:43:16  Retta Davidson working at Ralph Bakshi