00:08:50  Paragon Award (Harry Potter Diagon Alley)
00:11:28  Immersive environents (New Orleans Square)
00:14:38  Building for the 20th ride (Peter Pan)
00:16:36  Castmember Interaction; cultural challenges; Disneyland Paris
00:21:50  Hatbox Ghost
00:26:15  Phantom Manor (DLP)
00:36:10  Dangers of going international; Main Streat USA (DLP)
00:40:54  Walt Disney Studios (DLP)
00:42:38  Disneyland Hotel (DLP)
00:45:50  Armageddon (DLP)
00:49:46  The Studios dilemma; magic made real / real things made magical / how magic is made
01:00:51  EPCOT Frozen ride
01:07:43  Judging attraction ideas/essences
01:08:32  1 Thrill experiences (California Screamin')
01:08:58  2 Somewhere you can't go without Disney (Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars)
01:09:14  3 Emotional engaging IP (Dumbo)
01:10:43  Judging Luigi's flying tires
01:13:38  Carnation Plaza Gardens