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Collier's Weekly
Mickey Mouse, and How He Grew
Collier's Weekly
Mr. Disney's Dream World
Micky Mouse and Donald Duck continue making history at the box office
The Literary Digest
"Mickey Mouse" is eight years old
Disney's Squeaky Star Played to 468.000,000 in 1935
The Literary Digest
Mickey Mouse, Financier
Kay Kamen (subject)
The Literary Digest
Europe's Highbrows Hail "Mickey Mouse"
The Literary Digest
Mickey Mouse's Miraculous Movie Monkey-shines
The Washington Monthly
How Washington Insiders Ambushed Mickey Mouse
When America's best-loved entertainment company tried to build a history theme park […]
Collier's Weekly
Pogo's Papa
Meet Walt Kelly and his swamp creatures, like lovable Pogo Possum and ol' Albert the Alligator […], latest smash hit among the comic strips
Walt Kelly (subject)
The Saturday Review
Animating Disney's Dream
Understanding Cal Arts' accomplishments and problems
The Saturday Review
Mixing the Arts in the Mickimaushaus
From rocky beginnings, California Institute of the Arts moves toward its goal of interaction among several disciplines in the arts