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Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline
on the D23 Expo, Gurr on Ryman's Disneyland map
Becky Cline (interviewee)
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
Herb Ryman (subject)
The Disney Villains
Those Classic Cartoon Characters You Love to Hate
Marc Davis (subject)
Norm Ferguson (subject)
Skywalking through Neverland
Bob Gurr interview
from Skywalking through the Clone Wars Micro-Series
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
The Tiara Talk Show
Interview with Peggie Fariss, Former Walt Disney Theme Park Imagineer
Peggie Fariss (interviewee)
The Mouse Knows Best
Chris Crump, Imagineer
Chris Crump (interviewee)
Rolly Crump (subject)
Special Guest Rolly Crump
Disney Imagineer, Tiki Room, Small World, World’s Fair, Museum of the Weird, 101 Dalmatians and more
Rolly Crump (interviewee)
The Tiara Talk Show
Interview with Imagineer Rick Rothschild
35th Anniversary of “THE AMERICAN ADVENTURE”
Rick Rothschild (interviewee)
The amazing career of animation master... Marc Davis
Marc Davis (subject)
Themed Attraction
Eddie Sotto Interview
Part 2
Eddie Sotto (interviewee)
Media Magic
Entretien avec l'Imagineer Tony Baxter
Tony Baxter (interviewee)
Media Magic
Entretien [avec] Eddie Sotto, concepteur de Main Street, USA.
Eddie Sotto (interviewee)
Former Imagineer Eddie Sotto
reflects on his contributions to Disneyland Paris
Eddie Sotto (interviewee)