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Stories of the Magic
Terri Hardin interview (Imagineer/Muppeteer)
Part 1
Terri Hardin (interviewee)
Aviation Week
The How and Why of Camouflage
Expert explains new methods and materials in "architecture of concealment" made necessary by new offensive weapons.
Harper Goff (author)
Architect and Engineer
Camouflage In America
Is More Than A Science - It Is An Art With A Definite Technique
Harper Goff (author)
The Mouse Knows Best
Garner Holt
Garner Holt (interviewee)
Mickey Mouse and Wayne Allwine
Wayne Allwine (subject)
Walt Disney (subject)
Ub Iwerks (subject)
Jeff Kurtti (interviewee)
Collectible Automobile
Bob Gurr: Making Dreams Come True
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
X Atencio & The Path of the Imagineer
Part 1
X. Atencio (interviewee)
Bill Justice (subject)
Woolie Reitherman (subject)
Misc documents
Creating Narrative Space
Joe Rohde (author)
The Season Pass
Interview with Buzz Price Award recipient Joe Rohde
+ Jeremy Railton, Matthew Jessner & more
Joe Rohde (interviewee)
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics
From myth to mountain: insights into virtual placemaking
Joe Rohde (author)
The Billboard
Mine of New Ideas
Walt Disney (subject)
C. V. Wood (subject)
The Mouse Knows Best
Disney Imagineer David Feiten
Contributions to EPCOT
David Feiten (interviewee)