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Connaissance des Arts
Tony Baxter interview
from [the book] Euro Disney: Connaissance des Arts
Tony Baxter (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Creating Priceless Works of Art
An Interview with artist Julie Svendsen
Julie Svendsen (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Making Hinges Creak In Doorless Chambers
An Interview with audio producer Greg Meader
Greg Meader (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Putting the Secrets in Phantom Manor
An Interview with Show Producer Jeff Burke
Jeff Burke (interviewee)
Space Mountain at Euro Disney
A 120 million dollar wire rope test machine
Tom Fitzgerald talks Ratatouille
Tom Fitzgerald (interviewee)
Translating Magic with Craig Fleming
Craig Fleming (interviewee)
The Disney Dose Podcast
Imagineer, Sculptor, and Puppeteer Terri Hardin
Part 2
Terri Hardin (interviewee)
Walt's People: Volume 9 - Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
Julie Svendsen
by Didier Ghez
Julie Svendsen (interviewee)
Walt's People: Volume 14 - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him
Eddie Sotto
by Didier Ghez
Eddie Sotto (interviewee)
Disney and more
Grand Interview of WDI Imagineer Pat Burke
Pat Burke (interviewee)
Disney Dream Girls Podcast
Ghostbusters to Disney Imagineering
Terri Hardin (interviewee)