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CafeFantasia @ Medium
Euro Disneyland Project Overview
Project Overview from the Euro Disneyland 1989 Annual Report
CafeFantasia @ Medium
Euro Disneyland President’s Message
Robert Fitzpatrick’s message to shareholders, from the Euro Disneyland 1989 Annual Report
Robert Fitzpatrick (author)
The Disney Dose Podcast
Interview With Imagineer Sayre Wiseman
Executive Parades and Spectaculars
Sayre Wiseman (interviewee)
The Season Pass
Theas/TEA Summit pt.2
Joe Lanzisero, Futuroscope, Grand Hall & Ratatouille!
Tales from the Laughing Place
Part of your (virtual) World
An Interview of Tony Baxter
Tony Baxter (interviewee)
Ray Bradbury (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
George Lucas (reference)
Sam McKim (reference)
Connaissance des Arts
Tony Baxter interview
from [the book] Euro Disney: Connaissance des Arts
Tony Baxter (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Creating Priceless Works of Art
An Interview with artist Julie Svendsen
Julie Svendsen (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Making Hinges Creak In Doorless Chambers
An Interview with audio producer Greg Meader
Greg Meader (interviewee)
Ravenswood Manor
Putting the Secrets in Phantom Manor
An Interview with Show Producer Jeff Burke
Jeff Burke (interviewee)
Space Mountain at Euro Disney
A 120 million dollar wire rope test machine
Tom Fitzgerald talks Ratatouille
Tom Fitzgerald (interviewee)
Translating Magic with Craig Fleming
Craig Fleming (interviewee)