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American Cinematographer
Disney Engineers Unveil New Mobile Generator
Unit Operating safety and efficiency keynote design
Architectural Record
House Of Tomorrow
arts & architecture
experimental house in plastics
a continuing development by the monsanto chemical company
WE (Western Electric) magazine
Providing that technology can be fun
Lighting+Sound international
‚Spectacle du Lac‘: Euro Disney Opens With A Bang
Red Hot and Pumping On Lake Buena Vista
The Mouse Knows Best
“I Built EPCOT and all I got was this crummy T-Shirt” - Steve Alcorn
Steve Alcorn (interviewee)
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine
A Georgia Tech graduate engineers the Indiana Jones saga into Disneyland's wildest ride
Susan Bonds' Heart-Pounding, Spine-Tingling, Hair Rising Adventure
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine
Engineering the Disney Magic
Modern Steel Construction
Disney World Hotel Assembled from Factory-Made Rooms