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When a Lost Oswald Cartoon is Found, the Restoration Process Begins
Dave Bossert (author)
See and hear
The Magic of Walt Disney
... his talented studio and collaborators bring "True Life Adventures" to 16mm
Alfred Milotte (subject)
Elma Milotte (subject)
American Cinematographer
Circling Italy with Circarama
How a new, improved Circarama camera assembly was used to produced a "movie-in-the-round" for the Italia '61 Exposition
Business Screen Magazine
Moving Youth to Science
"Man in Space" and "Our Friend the Atom" initiate Series
International Photographer
Mickey Mouse Makes Bow to 16mm.
Hollywood Film Enterprises Secures American Rights to Reproduce and Distribute Popular Disney Product
American Cinematographer
We Make a 16mm. Western
Carl Fallberg (author)
American Cinematographer
Mickey Mouse and 16 mm
Walt Disney (author)